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Weight Lifting, Is it important?

June 19, 2009

200498419-001Entering the gym, I use to go straight to the cardio machines and spend up to an hour running or doing the elliptical and then cool down with a nice little stretch and a few minutes of abdominal crunches. This was my daily schedule. I always saw men in the weights section but thought it was a waste of my time because I didn’t desire to get ripped. These days I cut my workout into 45 minutes of cardio and a half hour of weights. Why?
Weight lifting is not only for bodybuilders! There are several benefits to lifting weights.
Here is a list of those benefits:

Your metabolism increases and continues to stay at a higher level throughout your day
– Muscle burns fat so the more muscle you build the more fat you will shed
– You will increase your strength for daily activities
– You build stronger bones (This is especially important for women over 40 years old who are at risk for osteoporosis)
– Joints become stronger, increasing the ease of movement. Say good-bye to those joint pains!
– Deceases back pain. 80% of Americans experiences back pain in their life. This can be prevented through strength training.
– Prevents Injuries
– Helps to reshape “Target Areas” like those muffin tops, sagging arms or butt

… and don’t worry girls, there is a way to lift weights and not become bulky, but I will save that for another post.
So stop spending all your time on the cardio machines and move over to the weights!

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