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Looking Slim while Lifting Weights

June 21, 2009

AYP0200879_TMost women don’t want to get ripped and masculine from lifting weight. This is probably the main reason why you see all the men by the weights and the women on the cardio machines. From my previous post, it’s obvious that building muscle is important in weight loss and health in general, so how to we find a happy medium? To build bulky muscle, you want to do lift as much as you can and fewer repetitions per set.

So how do you build lean muscle mass and not look like a body builder?

You want to lift less weight and more repetitions per set. Each exercise should have 3 sets. Each set should have about 12-15 repetitions and limit your rest period to 30 seconds between each set. This leaves you just enough time to recover and to start another set. Each muscle group should have at least one full cycle, meaning 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions. Major muscle groups are categorized into the following:
– Shoulders / chest / back,
– Arms
– Legs

The amount of weight to lift is going to vary from person to person and will increase as you build muscle and strength. I suggest for those of you that are starting out to use 6-8lb weights. By the end of all 3 sets if you don’t feel the burn then you can increase your weight. I just 10lb weights!
Make sure to rest your muscles. Resting days are just as important as your workout days! After lifting weights, you have shredded and completely destroyed your muscles. I suggest giving a day of rest in between each muscle group. For example, if you do legs one day, you want to do shoulders, chest and back the next so that you rest the muscles that are attempting to recover.

Check out fitness magazine for excellent weight lifting workouts that target specific areas!

So girls, get off that treadmill and head on over with the guys!

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