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How Much Salt is Too Much?

June 26, 2009

The first thing I do when I sit down at the dinner table is reach for the salt. It’s my biggest down fall. I love… I mean, LOVE, salt. But it’s not all that good for you. Salt is what causes you to retain water and get that bloated feeling, and cellulite. Not to mention that in increase in salt intake can lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.


So how much is too much? The normal range is around 1,500mg of sodium per day. You would think that it’s a lot of one day, you in this society, it adds up fast, especially those foods that are processed. Check the nutrition labels and you would be surprised at what you will find. One cup of canned soup can have up to 1,000mg and Ham has 1,200mg. But get ready for these numbers:

* Denny’s Meat lovers Breakfast (two eggs, bacon, two sausage, hash browns, and toast) has 3,460mg

* Cheese Fries w/ ranch dressing: 4,890mg

* Dunkin Donuts Salt Bagel: 4,520mgimages

* Broccoli and Beef with a side of rice: 3,150mg

* Chili’s Big Mouth Bites with French fries: 3,940mg

* The Cheesecake Factory Philly Style Flat Iron Steak with fries: 5,340mg

Let’s face it, we add more salt onto those fries too… so put the table salt down and watch how much salt you are eating.

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