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How to Eat Healthy at McDonalds

July 1, 2009

Has anyone seen the documentary of “Super Size Me?”
I swore up and down that I would never go back to that place after I watched this. For those of you that have not seen it, it’s about a man that decides to eat at McDonalds day in and day out for 30 days. As a result, the then-32-year-old gained 24½ lbs which was a 13% body mass increase, and experienced liver damage and mood swings, along with several other health affects.

Months passed after watching this documentary and I decided that it’s ridiculous to avoid places solely because one person ate Big Macs, three times a day, for 30 days. I’m obviously not going to be eating McDonalds like this!
So I decided to figure out how to eat McDonald’s and not kill myself.


Here is a list of foods that I have found low in calories.

– Original Hamburger: 250 calories, 9g fat

– Honey Mustard Grilled Snack Wrap: 260 calories, 9g fat
(hold the honey mustard and you can save about 70 calories and 2.5g fat)
– 4 piece Chicken Nuggets: 190 calories, 12g fat

– McChicken Sandwich: 360 calories, 16g fat
(Hold the mayo and that will cut down a lot of the fat and calories)

– Filet-O-Fish: 380 calories, 18g fat

– 3 piece Chicken Selects: 400 calories, 24g fat

** Forget about the fries and opt for a healthier option, like a side salad for 20 calories without dressing. Dip your fork in the ranch to add less calories. Apples are 35 calories

– A fruit and yogurt parfait without granola: 130 calories, 2g fat

I absolutely love their breakfast, but be careful, some of these meals can add up to over 1,000 calories and pretty much anything on their breakfast menu is 20-60g of fat. Here are the best options to pick up on your way to work that are less than 400 calories.
– Scrambled Eggs: 170 calories, 11g fat

– Egg McMuffin: 300 calories, 12g fat

– Sausage McMuffin: 370 calories, 22g fat
(I would just stick to the regular Egg McMuffin!)

… Sorry guys, everything else is over 400 calories ☹

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